Electronic Dojo is a Midlands based community of fighting game enthusiasts birthed back in 2008 and honed over a set of supportive venues in Birmingham. At the time, we were just players looking for a challenge, with many of us becoming the best in our own friendship circles but needing more! Over time, things developed into a more organised network held together by a close knit community of friends all able to contribute in different ways.

Since our first major national event in 2010, we have grown from strength to strength, now hosting some of the largest competitive fighting game events worldwide. Be sure to keep an eye out for our next Midlands sessions along with news on the next VSFighting major event which will take place in 2024 – and be sure to catch us on our socials for more info on all things fighting game related!


VSFighting XI

Our flagship Fighting Games Major and the UK’s largest fighting games event!

Photography by: Steven Bryant | Jacob Flannery | Nwanzo | Igor Hajjar